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App installs today no longer happen in a vacuum! Your best potential audiences move and engage seamlessly across channels, including search engines, social media, app stores, and more.

Your approach to connecting with them should be equally diverse and comprehensive.

Kenshoo Apps is the all-in-one, complete solution for app marketers to reach their best customers, drive the install & build lasting relationships for ongoing app engagement across all of the publishers that matter: Apple Search Ads, Facebook, Google, and Snap.

Join us on April 18th for a live demo and insider look at the Kenshoo Apps platform. In this 30-minute session we will give you an exclusive peek under the hood of our leading marketing platform and show you how to:

  • Quickly and easily set up new campaigns at scale
  • Create new ads based on performing creative & targeting
  • Track performance across multiple channels with the ability to report on channel and MMP
  • Automatically optimize towards top performing initiatives based on conversion and revenue data, including shifting budgets between channels
  • Report and optimize based on LTV