The Only SaaS Solution for Measuring Your True Marketing Incrementality

Kenshoo’s Impact Navigator accurately and rapidly measures marketing impact, anytime, for any channel, across all of your audience segments.

One key unlocks smarter market planning, better budgeting, and stronger alignment to business objectives: discovering the actual business impact of each marketing program — and find true lift.

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Beyond tracking: A new approach to incrementality

Current approaches to measuring marketing attribution often fall short, are costly to implement, and are not based on today’s rapidly changing consumer preferences. New consumer privacy regulations and browser cookie restrictions are also restricting the ability to analyze impact by pure data analysis across typical adtech and martech touchpoints.

Kenshoo’s Impact Navigator is a SaaS solution that avoids the problems of missing data and out-of-date analysis by actually measuring the incremental impact of each of your marketing programs on realtime audience behavior.

, Impact Navigator Measures Video Incrementality for National D2C Brand
, Impact Navigator Measures Video Incrementality for National D2C Brand

Advanced methods, accelerated actions

Based on Kenshoo’s decades-long testing experience, Kenshoo’s Impact Navigator uses an automated testing methodology that puts accurate results in the hands of today’s marketers:

Testing at scale:
Test multiple investments frequently and continuously.

Minimizing business impact: Flexible test plans reduce the size of holdout groups and minimize test duration while maintaining statistical significance.

Results that matter: Impact Navigator is able to predict the margin of error before running the test, ensuring that you don’t run a test only to end up with an inconclusive result.

Reacting in real-time: Impact Navigator provides full transparency into test plan considerations and test progress, enabling real-time actions during testing to increase confidence levels and further minimize business impact.

Tests, not guesses, drive real marketing insights

Kenshoo’s Impact Navigator measures revenue impact by splitting the audience test and control groups by geography, so you can test your investments across channels. This approach uncovers any existing halo effect and eliminates much of the noise generated by other marketing initiatives at play.

Impact Navigator provides the flexibility to split by various geo granularities, such as postal codes, cities, metros (where supported) and/or regions.

, Impact Navigator Measures Video Incrementality for National D2C Brand
, Impact Navigator Measures Video Incrementality for National D2C Brand

The only SaaS incrementality solution

Impact Navigator is a full SaaS solution, not a service or consulting engagement. You can test when you want, over the channel or programs that matter most to you. And with flexible test planning and transparent comparisons of many alternate execution approaches, you can find the method that works best for your current marketing mix.

When Impact Navigator discovers your program’s incremental lift, you will get clear insights that you can apply immediately to optimize media bids, rebalance marketing mix levels, and level program expectations against lifetime value goals. Not just a powerful analytic tool, Impact Navigator is designed to help mere-mortal marketing leaders turn these powerful insights into competitive actions quickly.

A solid foundation for your marketing strategy

Kenshoo’s Impact Navigator is built on Kenshoo’s unbiased foundation of insights across all leading digital publishers, from search to social, from e-commerce to mobile apps. You can trust Kenshoo’s commitment to providing the results that matter to you, across all of the marketing that matters to your audiences.

Impact Navigator works on all channels, online and offline, whether or not you have activated media through other Kenshoo solutions, keeping our commitment to put your data and insights first in all we do.

, Impact Navigator Measures Video Incrementality for National D2C Brand

Marketers Are Saying...

In the age of wall gardens and pixel leakages, it became impossible to have unified measurement with MTA. With incrementality, we now have a way forth to understanding the true value of our marketing efforts that can inform our budget allocation and media mix.

Yung Le
Director of Acquisition Marketing

“Over time it became increasingly clear that we needed deeper insights to justify the cost of supporting these new types of media…Impact Navigator’s effective approach to measuring incrementality was the solution we were looking for.”

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